Laparoscopy/Pelviscopy Postoperative Instructions

This page details postoperative instructions for laparoscopy / pelviscopy procedures.

Upon your arrival home, call Lifestages (277-8988) for an appointment 1 to 2 weeks from the day of your surgery.


Activity after laparoscopy will vary with the patient and extent of the procedure. Most patients do better by avoiding activities for the first 3 postoperative days. Diet should be light during this time.


Refrain from sexual intercourse, douching, tampons and tub baths for 10 days from the day of your surgery. You may shower or kneel in a tub of water.


If you have visible sutures, they will be removed at your first postoperative appointment. It is not necessary to call for your tissue report. Your physician will review the report with you during your postoperative visit.


Shoulder pain and a sore throat are normal during the first few postoperative days. To relieve shoulder pain, lie down in a flat position until pain subsides.

Call Lifestages (277-8988) immediately if you have:

  • A temperature of 101┬░ or higher
  • Constant, severe pain not relieved by rest and pain medication
  • Bleeding (saturating a sanitary napkin every hour or passing large clots)
  • Difficult or painful urination
  • A persistent, foul-smelling discharge
  • Severe constipation unrelieved by a suppository or laxatives