Procedure Instructions

Lifestages-Instructions-LandingThe staff at Lifestages will go through great lengths to explain everything you need to know about medical procedures, but we also understand that it helps to have written instructions to use as a guide.  This resource helps you download specific forms for your procedure. Learn more about a variety of postoperative instructions for common procedures below.


Major Surgery Post-Operative Instructions

We understand you may have questions about your upcoming major surgery. This page details the instructions you need to know following any of our major surgical procedures.

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D&C and Hysteroscopy Postoperative Instructions

This page details postoperative instructions for dilation & curettage and hysterectomy procedures. Unless told otherwise, call Lifestages for an appointment in approximately 4 weeks.

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Laparoscopy/Pelviscopy Postoperative Instructions

If you are preparing for a laparoscopy or pelviscopy procedure, please read this page detailing postoperative instructions for laparoscopy / pelviscopy procedures.

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LEEP Preoperative and Postoperative Instructions

There are a number of important things you should know if you are having a loop electrosurgical excision or LEEP procedure. Please read this preoperative and postoperative instructions.

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