Patient Resources

At Lifestages Samaritan Centers For Women, we think it is important that our patients are educated and informed about every procedure we do. We also understand that your loved ones may have questions as well. Our collection of procedure instructions will help to that end. These pages also contain a helpful selection of patient symptom forms and questionnaires. Plus, feel free to read over our insurance information that will help make your life simpler when processing the paperwork.┬á Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about the patient resources found on this page.


We understand that forms help provide a basic understanding of the information that you need from us and that we need from you. View, download, and print commonly used forms here.

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Procedure Instructions

We will explain everything you need to know about medical procedures, but we also understand that it helps to have written instructions to use as a guide. Use this resource to help you download specific forms for your procedure.

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Insurance Information

Lifestages has contracted with a broad range of insurance providers to help patients get the care they deserve, and offer a financial assistance program to those who are uninsured.

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At Lifestages, we want you to be educated about your health choices. We understand that the terminology of our profession can be intimidating and sometimes hard to understand. That’s why we offer this glossary of common bladder and pelvic health terms.

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