Medical Support Staff

Our philosophy for partnering with and nurturing a compassionate, skilled healthcare team to serve our patients also extends to the medical support staff at Lifestages. This diverse team works collaborativly with your physician, nurse midwife, or certified nurse practitioner to deliver a unique, holistic care experience throughout every stage of your life. Meet your Lifestages medical support staff.


Jeanie Kupper, RN, CNOR, CRNFA, WHNP-BC
Assists all physicians in the OR



Jody Sampson, RN
Assists Dr. Joiner and Susan Kloth (CNM)

“Making the decision to be a Registered Nurse was the best decision of my life because I’ve always wanted to care for people. I consider myself very lucky to be working with Lifestages . I’ve always admired the healthcare providers here for their knowledge and their caring, compassionate way they treat our patients.”


Terrie Werts, RN, BSN
Assists Dr. Scharrer, Dr. Shrestha and Jalana Lazar (CNM)

“I love my job because I enjoy caring for the patients at this special time of their lives. For most it is an exciting and happy time during the OB stage and with GYN issues it is rewarding to help get them thru the mulitiple issues that can occur.”


Deidre Lownsdale, RN, BSN
Assists Dr. Rettig, Dr. Rush and Kimberly Breneman (CNM)

“I was a Labor and Delivery nurse at the hospital for many years and now, at Lifestages, I am able to really develop relationships with my patients and see them through their entire pregnancy experience. That for me is a great joy!.”


Janet McGeorge, RN
Assists Dr. Bernie, Dr. Harlan and Kathryn A. Nelson

“We get to know our patients and co-workers so closely at Lifestages that this is not just a job. It’s more like a family. I’ve been here quite a long time and am very proud to be part of the many changes in the care and technology we provide for our patients.”