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World Immunizations Week

This week is World Immunization Week. There has been a lot of publicity recently around immunizations for diseases such as measles. But, there is one immunization that we want to take time to highlight this week: the vaccine against the Human Papilloma Virus, HPV. Every year over 12,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer. Many […]

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Midwife Minute: Meet a Midwife in Dayton

Are you looking for a midwife in Dayton? If not, take a moment to consider the help midwives offer mothers before, during and after birth. Kim Breneman is one of our expert midwives, watch the video below as she explains the benefits of giving birth with a midwife:   TRANSCRIPT: What do midwives do: Midwives […]

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OBGYN’s Tips For Gardening in Dayton, Ohio

Gardening can be a great activity for expectant mothers. It is a low impact hobby that focuses the mind, gets you out of doors and relieves stress. Plus, you end up with a delicious and nutritious reward if you plant fruits and veggies. Here are several critical things to know if you are starting a […]

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Healthy Recipe: No Hassle Beef Stew

Beef stew is a rare dish (no pun intended), a comfort food that can actually be good for you. Follow this simple recipe before you head off to work and you will have a “set it and forget it” stew ready when you return. This recipe will fill you up and taste just like grandma’s […]

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Spring To It: Get Active Around Dayton

If you have been staying healthy during the long cold months of Winter, you are probably ready to jump outdoors at the first opportunity. If not, now is the best time to start. We put together a list of great outdoor destinations around Dayton to help you get a head start on a healthy Spring […]

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